Benefits of Excavator Rental

Renting excavators has become a common alternative to buying. It helps keep your costs lower and also means you're not financially tied to a narrow inventory of equipment. Excavator rental from ESSCO lets your company take on a range of different types of projects, all while not going over your budget.

Don't be stuck with the machines you own

Buying new excavators ties your business's financial resources to specific machines that have a limited range of capabilities, effectively dictating what types of jobs you can complete. Certain excavators are best suited to certain tasks, and by purchasing those models, you are now stuck performing only those tasks. If a job comes along that is outside of your machine's capabilities, you may have to turn it down.

Having to turn down jobs because you don't have the right equipment is never a good business strategy. And purchasing a machine just to meet the requirements of one job or contract is an even worse strategy.

Rental excavators, on the other hand, allow you to take advantage of specific features and capabilities just for the duration of your project. We rarely if ever have any shortage of machines and attachments for excavator rental, meaning you can stay flexible and not tie up too many of your financial resources.

Always work with the newest and best excavators

Whether it's cars, computers, cell phones, or excavators, new technology changes and evolves very quickly. What that means is that as soon as you pour your resources into one piece of equipment, a better one has probably already come along. At ESSCO Truck and Equipment, all of our rental excavators possess the most advanced features, latest technology, and most efficient engines. With excavator rental, you never have to worry about your earthmoving machines becoming obsolete.

Control your costs

Buying new equipment can be very expensive and seriously cut into your company's budget. And the costs don't end the moment you take your machine off of the lot. The truth is, the real costs start after you actually purchase your new equipment. When you buy an excavator, you're responsible for routine maintenance, major repairs, and even expenses you may not have thought of, like winter storage.

This type of upkeep not only costs you money, it also pulls on your time. You can't use your excavators while they are being fixed, so you will have to either wait to complete the job or spend money on a rental anyway.

By opting for excavator rental from ESSCO from the start, instead of purchasing new machines, you have the benefit of avoiding upfront costs and repair, maintenance, and storage costs down the road. Also, you gain greater peace of mind, because if your rental excavator goes down, there'll be another one ready to work, minimizing your downtime.

Try it out before you buy

Excavator rental gives you the chance to try out new machines before you make a huge investment. With rental excavators, your operators can weigh in on the pros and cons of any specific model or features before you take the next step of ownership.

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